Synthetic Empathic Intelligent Companion Artefacts (SEICA) Human Interaction Labs is a multiple-persona performance and transmedia narrative project at Along with the evolving personas and worlds in operation, the work contextually shape-shifts and experiments with the fluidity of how a nonlinear story can be experienced. The digital and new media artworks, writings, performances, and performance artefacts produced under SEICA have been included in publications and exhibitions, presented as performative lectures at conferences, and disseminated through various social media platforms (Instagram I Twitter I Vimeo). The world of SEICA, at least for me, is as real as you or I.
Operated by a team of cyborgian researchers, SEICA is a virtual organization that produces multimedia-based provocations that reflect on the modern human-(tech)-human condition and researches through designing (non)living synthetic entities that provide companionship, namely "Companion Artefacts."
On/Offline Engagements (Left: Microsoft Altspace VR Talk, Right: Electronic Literature Organization)
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