An Annotated Portfolio of Designed-Designers
Zine, 32-pages b&w, 2018

The project attempts to experiment with the convergence of research in art and critical design practices through persona-building. The provocations I present are rooted in body-centric performance art and design-research in technocultural studies.

The explorative project starts from positioning persona-building as an approach to practice-based research in art and expands on researching through personae as vehicles to traverse the interdisciplinary realms of design research in technology. Expressed in the forms of an annotated portfolio, a concept in presenting research through design proposed by William Gaver, the archetypal stereotypes that emerge throughout the work provoke and reflect on popular imagery that tech-designers have been subjected to by the media. The resulting process culminates into an absurd Frankenstein-ian attempt to design designers who research and materialize technological objects and experiences behind-the-everyday-scene. 
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