Consume Like Everyone is Watching

Consume Like Everyone Is Watching are Instagram-specific videos that are up to one-minute-long in duration. Interacting with household consumables, the series is inspired by the Korean Mukbang (먹방) Internet phenomenon (user-generated broadcast-videos of someone, usually the host, eating massive quantities of food in front of the camera and interacting with potential online spectators as a form of entertainment). Taking this form into consideration that capitalizes on the attention economy, the performance speaks to an online audience. Showcasing everyday perishables (such as fruit) or products (such as water filters), the host (myself) energetically dances to music and often reacts to its lyrics. Reminiscent to that of montages in televised home shopping commercials, the series attempts to explore how online-content-creators transform mundane activities and consumer behaviors into absurd forms of online entertainment as a means to circulate and promote trends on and beyond social media platforms.
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