with Surabhi Saraf, Marcus Flemming, Mariah Hill, Caroline Sinders, M Eifler
Centre for Emotional Materiality (CEM) is a collective of multidisciplinary artists and researchers who examine the algorithmic conditioning of emotions and its effects on our bodies and beliefs. We devise strategies in the form of workshops, study circles, toolkits, rituals etc. for holistic thinking, feeling, and acting in the digital era.
Our work is grounded in building collective knowledge and discourses by taking research outside of the lab, and bringing it to our communities. We foster nonlinear, nonbinary, critical research and creative thinking-through-making. With a focus on emotional health, intelligence, and imagination, we envision new kinds of affective relationships with technology that pave pathways for interdependent and pluralist futures.
CEM embraces the Blob and its fluid potential as an organizing principle. We morph, shift, and adopt as needed. CEM is organized by Surabhi Saraf, Laura Hyunjhee Kim, M Eifler, Caroline Sinders, Marcus Fleming and Mariah Hill.


Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY, 2019
Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA, 2018

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